Our Team

Meet Our Team

Guided by decades of combined experience in the real estate industry, motivated by a genuine passion for helping clients succeed, and fueled by cutting-edge technology, the Vanport Escrow & Title team is ready to handle all of your real estate transaction needs.

Fred Stewart

President & Founder

Fred Stewart has spent the majority of his life serving his beloved city of Portland through military service in the marine core, civil participation, and as an entrepreneur. Founding the Stewart Group Realty Inc. in 1993 kickstarted a decades-long commitment to helping locals navigate the complexities of Portland’s housing market. Drawing upon this extensive experience in real estate and banking, Fred founded Vanport Escrow & Title to help home buyers, sellers, Mortgage brokers, and Real Estate Brokers achieve streamlined and smoother transactions. Fred has a vision of encouraging more minorities to join the industry and remains focused on providing unrivaled escrow services to clients.

Lena Alsteen

Senior Escrow Officer

For the past 25 years, Lena has had her fingers on the pulse of the Pacific Northwest real estate market. Throughout this time, she’s brought value to countless clients in various roles as a property manager, managing broker, and senior escrow officer. Lena’s insider knowledge of the real estate process makes for smoother and stress-free transactions. With years of experience on the other side of the deal, she knows what it’s like for our clients and strives to make the transaction as seamless as possible. Her commitment to excellence and personal customer service makes her an invaluable member of the team.

Leele Collier

Escrow Officer

With years of experience in the industry, Leele’s passion for people and business makes her a perfect fit for her role as Special Operations Manager. She started in the industry as an escrow assistant, eventually going on to loan signing and mobile closing work. Her military background gives her a special understanding of timeliness and precision when working with each client. 

Tiffany Antoine

Escrow Assistant

With over three decades of experience working in administrative and management positions, Tiffany has the skills and expertise needed to keep large transactions moving smoothly. She earned her stripes in the real estate industry starting as a mortgage company receptionist before working her way up to mortgage processing and eventually assistant underwriter positions. Tiffany brings a personal level of understanding to the industry as an avid real estate investor and property management expert. Her valuable work is undergirded by an emphasis on loyalty and a strong work ethic.

Maria Rodriguez

Coming Soon