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We have added an eClosing solution to save you time & money.

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EscrowTab = Faster & Smoother Closings

  • EscrowTab allows lenders to seamlessly transition from paper closings to eClosings, creating efficiencies without changing their current process or underlying technology.
  • Speed is everything. EscrowTab is designed to ensure loans are closed faster than the paper process and in accordance with lender requirements.
  • The EscrowTab eClosing solution was made with notary signing agents in mind. Closing documents are uploaded into an eVault and assigned to a notary signing agent with an EscrowTab-enabled tablet for a seamless, secure and efficient signing using In-Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN).
Escrow Tab



In-Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN) occurs when the borrower and notary signing agent are in the same location and the borrower applies electronic signatures to documents.

A notary signing agent is allowed to electronically notarize the documents without any paper involved.

IPEN is a nationwide solution.

How does EscrowTab apply IPEN?

Title agents upload closing documents into the EscrowTab platform for execution and assign to the notary signing agent.


The notary signing agent is notified and the documents are immediately ready for signing.

A notary signing agent meets with the borrower in-person for the closing.


Documents are signed on the tablet with the borrower's unique handwritten signature.


Real time document edits can be made during the signing, just like on paper. Documents are securely stored within EscrowTab’s eVault.

Documents are validated to ensure no mistakes and no missing signatures.

Documents never leave the security of our eVault and can only be accessed through an EscrowTab-enabled tablet.

There’s no need for the notary signing agent to FedEx the original documents as the original authoritative version of the documents are immediately available in our eVault.

Seamless & Convenient eClosings

Closing loans the way borrowers expect – technology driven and eco-friendly. Fully paperless, fully automated, using your traditional workflow. It’s that convenient.

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